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KiraSinclair_IntoTemptation_HRInto Temptation is finally available!
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A More Than Men Novella
Strong, sexy and powerful…the kind of man every woman wants in her life and in her bed. But these men are more. Oh, so much more.
How valuable is a soul?
A fallen angel banished from Hell, Brone has been cursed to walk the Earth in complete sensory deprivation for over eight hundred years.  The only thing he craves is connection with another being – sound, taste, and please, God, touch.  But the likelihood of that happening is next to zero.  Satan isn’t exactly known to be forgiving.

Handling her first big case as a prosecutor, Evie Carr is definitely in over her head.  Everyone knows Monroe Stilton is guilty of multiple counts of sexual assault against a child, but proving it has become difficult.  She’s desperately afraid the monster is going to walk.  And that fear becomes personal when the psychopath threatens her own daughter.

One touch can change everything.
Brone is offered a single chance to return to the fold.  But at what price?  Because the only thing Evie needs is the one thing he can provide.  All she has to do to claim it is…fall.

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