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Testing the LimitsI’m so excited about the release of Testing the Limits (May 20, 2014 in stores and June 1, 2014 at online retailers).  This book was inspired by someone I greatly admire, so I’m especially thrilled that it received 4 1/2 stars from RT Magazine.

TESTING THE LIMITS (4.5) by Kira Sinclair: Ever since her beloved fiancé died unexpectedly two years ago, social worker Quinn Keller has thrown herself into her work. The tense monthly meetings she has with his older brother, former Army Ranger Jace Hyland, don’t make things any easier for her. When Quinn’s life is threatened for hiding the abused wife of a prominent man in town, her meetings with Jace turn into body guarding, which makes the forbidden emotional and sexual strain between them spin out of control. In this installment of the Uniformly Hot! series, Sinclair has penned a Lifetime movie-style tale with everything from a fiancé lost to tragic illness, a hot military hunk and an abused woman and the dangerous husband trying to find her. With a dense plot and ample tension on all fronts, this book lives up to the imprint’s moniker.
Reviewed By: Kim Jefferson

I have a friend who lost a family member while waiting on an organ transplant list so this is a cause that I’ve championed for years.  It was difficult to watch her family grieve, especially knowing there was a possibility the loss was avoidable.  Please, if you aren’t an organ donor, consider becoming one.  No, honestly, think about it now.  Not tomorrow  or next week.  I know considering your own mortality isn’t a fun thing to do, but there are so many people existing inside those thoughts, just waiting for a chance to live.  What a gift to be able to give that to someone.

But it isn’t enough to say you’re going to do it or sign the back of your driver’s license. Tell the people in your life that you love that you want to be a donor, because they’re the ones that will be making those decisions for you.  Often during a stressful and tragic time.  Don’t make them wonder what your wishes would be.  Tell them.

I’m an organ donor and every single person in my life, including my girls, know that’s what I want.  And I hope you’ll consider doing the same.

Best Wishes,

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Handling her first big case as a prosecutor, Evie Carr is definitely in over her head.  Everyone knows Monroe Stilton is guilty of multiple counts of sexual assault against a child, but proving it has become difficult.  She’s desperately afraid the monster is going to walk.  And that fear becomes personal when the psychopath threatens her own daughter.

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